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As the decades come and go, different styles, trends and brands seem to come in and out of the limelight constantly. The way we choose to express ourselves to the world around us changes, and our styles and tastes follow suit—these are transformations we’ve all come to expect as time goes on. 

But one thing remains abundantly clear in the world of fashion and daily apparel—people love their hoodies. 

One of the bigger trends we’re seeing in the world of hoodies and everyday attire is the return to the bright, bold and preppy fashion statements of the 90s. From pastel hoodies matched with a timeless pair of sneakers to the return of earth-toned plaids and ribbed turtlenecks, it seems like these days we can’t get enough of that vintage, throwback style. 

As the fashion-forward turn the clocks back several decades for their latest looks, one brand has seen a newfound resurgence in popularity for its timeless looks and classic comfort—Russell Athletic. In fact, GQ says our hoodies are the hottest sweatshirts on the planet.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Russell Athletic has seen a return to prominence in the world of sweatshirts, hoodies and classic athleticwear. We are, afterall, the inventors of the sweatshirt. Ever since Benjamin Russell Jr. conceived this revolutionary new comfortable and functional piece of clothing, generations spent perfecting the design have given Russell Athletic a style and edge that’s not easily replicated.

Now, the demand for vintage articles from Russell Athletic can’t be met soon enough. According to GQ, Google Trends saw a 350% increase in the term “Russell Athletic crewneck” over the course of 2020–2021, showing no signs of slowing down in 2022. Additionally, eBay saw searches related to Russell Athletic vintage clothing jump by 236% from 2020–2021, while sales for Russell hoodies grew by nearly 200%.

It’s fitting that a return to the 90s draws people of all tastes to the old-school style that Russell Athletic embodies—the logos, color selections, fitment and material all showcase the looks that we fell in love with in the 90s and have welcomed back into our lives again today. For many people, just hearing the words “Russell Athletic” conjures up fond memories of their favorite old, hand-me-down sweatshirt that stayed comfortable and looked just right for years on end.

From athletes and comfy clothing connoisseurs to the likes of Dr. Dre and Kanye, Russell Athletic’s signature style transcends boundaries and presents a unique way to showcase your style to anyone and everyone—even inspiring the looks of other high-end clothing brands along the way. 

It seems only natural that soft, comfortable hoodies have earned their place in wardrobes just about everywhere. They feel like wearing a cloud, they’re durable and perhaps most importantly, they offer near unmatched versatility—ready to be dressed up or down and paired with anything in your closet for a range of different styles. As more people reject the idea of wearing uncomfortable, cumbersome clothes just to make other people happy, the hoodie becomes an increasingly obvious candidate for just about any casual day out.

At the end of the day, we’re all after the same thing when it comes to our clothes. We want pieces that feel comfortable, provide a flattering fit and most importantly, help us to show the world around us who we are—whether it’s with sleek and subtle style or bold fashion choices that catch the eye of everyone we encounter. 

Russell Athletic continues to expand its horizons, collaborating with brands like Kith and Hugo Boss to bring our heritage, timeless quality and comfort to lines of clothing that showcase vintage style with contemporary twists. Whichever of our styles and collections our customers prefer, one thing remains clear and consistent with every piece of clothing that carries the Russell Athletic logo—classic comfort, timeless style and the durability needed to keep it in your closet and ready to go for years to come. 

Ready to add some vintage style to your wardrobe? Check out our collection of the hottest sweatshirts here.