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Russell Athletic: Over a Century of Iconic Sportswear

Russell Athletic was founded in 1902 and supplied uniforms and jerseys for several professional sports leagues. In 1926, Benjamin Russell Jr. was tired of his heavy, itchy, wool sweater irritating his skin, he went to his father to develop the cotton jersey, now known worldwide as the sweatshirt.

The Kick-Off Collection with Ceeze was designed to give life to nostalgia. For over a century, Russell Athletic was a staple of pro-level sports attire, and our iconic jerseys were standard in the NFL and MLB throughout the 1990s. Additionally, uniforms and jerseys from Russell Athletic have been worn by athletes in colleges, universities, minor- and major-league teams across the globe.

Before the extravagance of NFL salaries, halftime shows, and football uniforms, American football was about simplicity, grit, and passion. In the past, players wore some of the simplest and most-coveted jersey designs. These iconic designs came from the brand that built American sportswear: Russell Athletic.

In honor of our American Football heritage, NYC-based designer Ceeze delivers a unique football-inspired collection called “Kick-Off.” Inspired by our team uniform catalogs from past years, Ceeze created a modern collection with the right amount of throwback grit. 

Kick-Off features sportswear designs inspired by timeless football attire. In line with Ceeze’s dedication to sustainability and minimizing apparel waste, Kick-Off combines upcycled current Russell Athletic inventory with new materials to deliver a groundbreaking, hand-crafted collection of styles.

At the heart of this collection are iconic 1960s-era Russell Athletic football staples. The classic Coach and the Jersey Crew are inspired by the authentic game jersey Russell produced in the mid 70’s. Additionally, Ceeze designed their first-ever poncho, inspired by the classic rain ponchos worn by players and coaches on the sidelines.

Ceeze & Russell Athletic: Real Sustainability in Apparel

Earlier this year, Ceeze and Russell Athletic partnered up for their fourth collaboration. Field-Gear Collection embodies Ceeze’s commitment to sustainability in the apparel industry. Before that, Ceeze and Russell athletic collaborated on the Reclaimed Hoodie Program, which offered hoodies made entirely of reclaimed fabric. This program addressed the ongoing environmental damage caused by fabric waste.

The success of the Reclaimed Hoodie Program showed how apparel icons and sustainability-focused designers can create fashionable, functional, durable, and eco-friendly clothing.

Check out the full Ceeze catalog for the best-looking mix of function, fashion, and sustainability.