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Russell Athletic and Highsnobiety teamed up with three trailblazing artists - Jachuku Howard, Keya Tama, and Grace Miceli - to provide them with a canvas to build, empower, and expand their artistic communities while bridging the gap between graphic inspirations and fashion. 

We gave each accomplished creator a chance to show the world what they could do using their creativity, unique style, and our Dri-Power Fleece Hoodie in our new Fall colors: Vintage White, Green Moss, Blush Pink, Almond, and Arctic Blue. The results speak for themselves. 

Let’s get to know each groundbreaking artist and the designs they produced:  

Jachuku Howard (@jachukuomotayo

Maryland-Born, Brooklyn-based designer Jachuku Howard, uses past and present influences to create a better future. Howard Attended Marymount University and studied Fashion Design at Lorenzo De Medici in Florence, Italy. Shortly after returning from Europe, Jachuku appeared in Beyonce’s “Black is King” film where he grew recognition as a model and launched his brand, Bandit Studioz in conjunction with the film’s release. Since then, Jachuku has been inducted into the Converse All Star program and with their support released his debut collection “Returning to Eden.” 

Jachuku states, “Bandit Studioz collaborated with Russell Athletic to create a design that represents both of their brands. This design pays homage to the divine feminine while also promoting the intersection of ideas that created Bandit Studioz. The back reads ‘Creating culture for the culture,’ ‘Bandit Studioz’, and ‘Using the past and present to create the future.’ These words are organized in foundational shapes that help create the seed of life.” 

You can purchase Jachuku’s limited edition Russell Athletic sweatshirt here

Keya Tama (@keyatama

Keya Tama is a South African artist who tends to split his time between Los Angeles and New York. Inspired by pastel color palettes, patterns, and symbolism, Keya’s practice explores recurring themes that contrast ancient and contemporary iconography, family and community, monomyths, and minimalism. He Has painted murals and shown with galleries around the world since the age of thirteen and continues to demonstrate his talent for years to come.  

You can check out Keya’s artwork here

Grace Miceli (@artbabygirl

Grace Miceli is an artist and author living in New York City. She works across multiple mediums including illustration, comics, murals, product design, and animation and her playful and self-reflective work has been featured in over 50 museums and galleries worldwide. She also had her first book “How to Deal” published by Little, Brown and Company last year.  

Grace created the designs for her sweatshirts while staying on the Quileute Tribe reservation in La Push, Washington and would like to donate the profits from her sweatshirts to the tribe as they are currently raising money to move their school to higher ground due to tsunami risk.  

You can purchase Grace’s Russell Athletic sweatshirt collection here

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