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Monochromatic outfits are back and bigger than ever, and if you ask us, monochrome and athleisure are a match made in heaven. The subdued style and bold simplicity of monochrome go hand-in-hand with the functional but fashionable approach of athletic wear, and it’s no surprise that these outfits are gaining traction in the world of fashion. And while monochrome is indeed making its way to the runways again, we’re here to show you that you don’t need to give up an arm and a leg to enjoy these monochrome looks.

Athleisure is all about doing you. Whether you like the layered-up with jeans monochrome look or today calls for some extra comfort and you land on wearing sweats head to toe, take it on your way with these monochrome outfits made for all-day comfort. 

Blue Tones

We can all probably agree—blue is something of a unicorn when it comes to our style and daily outfits. It goes with just about everything, and the number of striking tones and shades of blue seem to be infinite. Whether it’s the same tone from head to toe, you’re working around your favorite pair of blue jeans for a smart-casual look or you’re even so bold as to venture into the world of tie-dye, it just seems to work out every time.

All those options within blue also present another opportunity—to dress as eye-catchingly or subtle as your mood and style decides. Prefer a bolder look? Make a statement with our Arch Graphic Hoodie. Searching for something tried and true? You can’t go wrong with a navy blue sweatshirt, paired with some washed out blue jeans.

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Perfect for those warmer days out in the sun, white outfits are one of our favorite ways to beat the heat? It’s hard to match the look of some nice white threads against your freshly sun-kissed skin, and while white might not offer the same variety as some of the other colors we’ve mentioned, many—if not most—consider it to be an essential piece of their closet’s color palette.

If you’re in an area where the sun’s hitting a little extra hard, you can’t go wrong with white. It’s the most reflective color, after all, so white monochrome is the perfect solution when you’re putting an outfit together before exercising on a hot day. Sure, we can’t guarantee you’ll stay perfectly cool and sweat-free just from rocking white over another color, but we can guarantee you’ll look great.

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Black Tones

Easy, timeless and ready for any occasion, black is a no-brainer. It’s a color that tends to be flattering for many people and is a classic look for just about any type of clothing—from suits and button downs to the ever-so-comfortable cotton fleece hoodies and sweats from Russell Athletic.

Perfect for those cloudy days where a nice and cozy outfit is a must, something about a pair of black sweats with a matching, oversized hoodie seems to be so inviting as you’re getting the day started on a chilly morning. Whether you’re exercising, heading out for errands or it’s just a casual day around the house, you can’t go wrong with black.

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Like blue, gray seems to open up a whole universe of different tones, shades and feels. It’s a diverse color that presents the perfect opportunity to match your outfit with how you're feeling that day—whether you want something light and airy with a light shade of gray or you’d rather rock darker, bolder tones like charcoal.

The abundance of different styles within the umbrella of gray means it’s a solid contender for just about any type of activity on any type of day—whether you’re out for a run on a cold morning or headed to the sunny beach for the afternoon. 


Though warmly welcomed at any time of the year, pastel colors are about as summer-y as an ice cream cone on the beach, and it may come as no surprise that they’ve landed on our list. Whether you’re rocking a full-body sweatsuit in your favorite shade of mint green or mixing tones with multiple layers, it’s hard not to feel that kick of bright, bold color almost elevating you through your day.

If you’re the type who likes to make a statement with their color selections, you can’t go wrong with pastels. Whether you’re gearing up for your evening gym run or have the whole day ahead of you, take it on with confidence in your own comfortable style.