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Launched in March, the Hope for Hospitals initiative has been dedicated to donating everyday essentials to hospital staff across the country. Today, Russell is further expanding on its mission by dedicating up to $700,000 of product donations for the duration of the campaign.

Nurses in Russell Athletic sweatshirts.

Building on the company’s existing philanthropic platform, the COVID-19 response is focused on finding a meaningful way to provide comfort and solace to the dedicated, compassionate, brave, and caring frontline healthcare workers. After closely monitoring the situation on the frontlines and speaking to healthcare workers across the country, Russell Athletic assessed a need in daily essentials including zip-up sweatshirts and hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatpants medical staff can easily change into and out of. “At Russell Athletic, we are guided by a simple yet powerful vision of creating the best essentials for everyday life. Today, we can’t help but be inspired by our courageous first responders and healthcare workers battling on the frontlines” says Ricardo Aranda, VP of Russell Athletic “Through our initiative, we hope to provide a small dose of comfort in these uncertain times.”

Between 5/5/20 and 5/31/20, for every RUSSELL ATHLETIC® ¼ zip purchased on, we will donate one ¼ zip -or similar item- to a healthcare hero, and to date, Russell Athletic has donated over two-thousand garments to frontline workers. “Russell Athletic is a brand cemented on comradery and teamwork. Today we are all part of the same team and fully inspired by the great acts of valor and strength our frontline responders have showcased.” says Greg Galbraith, Senior. Director of Marketing at Russell Athletic

Nurses in Russell Ahtletic sweatshirts.
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